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    Our professional bondsmen understand how Middlesex County Adult Correctional operates and what paperwork is necessary to efficiently process the bond information to get your loved one released quickly. 1st Class Bail Bonds NJ will assist you in the release of your loved one with a minimum amount of paperwork and time.

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Middlesex County Department of Adult Corrections in New Jersey

Middlesex County JailMiddlesex County Department of Adult Corrections
Route 130 & Apple Orchard Lane
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Tel: 732-297-3636

1st Class Bail Bonds NJ located in Middlesex County Jail for anyone that is in need of a bail bondsman. Bail is set according to the charges, with each charge having an impact of the bond level. Qualified defendants will be required to pay at least 10-15% of the total bond. Some bond amounts are minimal and usually handled between the court and the defendant.

Felony charges usually call for higher bonds and a bonding agency is available at the jail to determine qualification for bond. 1st Class Bail Bonds NJ requires a third party to co-sign a promissory note for the bond amount in the event the defendant fails to appear in court. Failure to appear always results in bond forfeiture. Legal representation is also allowed to confer with inmates at the jail at any time the court or the inmate case requires.

Middlesex County Jail, officially titled the Adult Corrections Center, is located in New Brunswick Township, New Jersey at 130 and Apple Orchard Lane. New Brunswick has been home to the jail since its establishment in the late 1600's and was managed by the sheriff. The award-winning correction center houses approximately 1100 inmates in various stages of criminal processing and adheres to all policies and standards set forth by the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

Middlesex County Jail adheres to a strict visitation policy. Visits are only allowed Wednesday through Saturday and are authorized alphabetically by the last name of the inmate. An individual must be incarcerated for at least 7 consecutive days to earn visitation rights. Anyone visiting an inmate at Adult Corrections Center in New Brunswick will need at least one state-issued legally valid form of photo identification. Visits are limited to one 20 minute video visit per week with only two adults and two children allowed per visit. Visitors are encouraged to schedule their visits with these rules in mind and contact Adult Corrections Center well in advance.