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Somerset County Jail is a facility for inmates in Somerville, New Jersey

Somerset County JailSomerset County Jail
40 Grove Street
Somerville, NJ 08876
Tel: 908-231-7150

The Somerset County Jail houses individuals who are being held on a temporary basis, who are serving municipal court sentences of up to 180 days or who are serving superior court sentences of up to 364 days. The facility uses an inmate classification system to effectively manage the inmate population, identify special needs and identify the security and supervision requirements of the inmates. The classification status of each inmate is reviewed at least every 90 days to ensure safety and security of all inmates.

Inmates at the Somerset County Jail are provided religious, educational and social services to meet the inmates' social and personal needs. Each inmate has access to religious worship and counseling to help deal with behavioral, emotional and crisis situations. Inmates are also offered vocational and educational programs, such as General Education Diploma training and testing, English as a second language and other programs to prepare inmates for employment and educational opportunities once they are released from the custody of the Somerset County Jail. In addition, all inmates have access to health care and dental services.

The inmates at the Somerset County Jail are allowed visitors during visitor hours. Booth visits are 15 minutes in length, and inmates can request personal visits after they have been incarcerated at the facility for more than 45 days. Each inmate can visit with up to three visitors per day.

Visitors should be aware that they will need to show valid photo identification and be at least 18 years of age or older or with a legal guardian for visitation. The visitor hours are determined by the inmate's sex, classification and last name. Visitors should check the Somerset County Jail's website for visiting hours or call the jail for more information. Visitors and inmates should keep in mind that visits can and will be ended by the staff if any inappropriate behavior is suspected.

The Somerset County Jail is located at 40 Grove Street in Somerville, NJ. The facility can be reached by phone at (908) 231-7150. The Somerset County jail is run by Warden Charles O'Neill and Deputy Warden Thomas Kelly.